Strategic Communication, Media and Public Relations, Crisis Management
CK Communication

Institutions cannot properly establish themselves in the public mind-and thus prosper-without a clear image and message.  Careful and professional management of all communications, i.e. strategic communication, can make a substantial difference in how an organization is perceived. 

CK Communication will assist you in the management of your communication challenges and work with you to develop a strategy advancing your organization's agenda and story. 

CK Communication is a Boston-based consulting firm assisting clients in strategic communications planning.  CK Communication helps you identify messages that define your organization and works with you to disseminate these messages to your target audiences, both internal and external. 

Even successful organizations will invariably encounter negative exposure.  CK Communication can help you manage a bad news period by providing you with intensive training on how to deal more effectively with the news media.  Whether your organization is preparing for a press conference with local reporters or an interview with 60 Minutes, CK Communication can give you the tools your company needs to present its message or to respond intelligently to its critics. 

Connie Kastelnik, a seasoned professional with over 25 years in public relations and network broadcast journalism, has been the principal of CK Communication since 1997.  She has helped real estate developers, design and construction companies, pharmaceutical firms, health care companies, trade organizations, government organizations, institutions of higher learning and candidates for public office, from local seats to the Presidency. She has managed crisis communications work for clients in both the public and private sectors. 

Let CK Communication help you meet your communication challenges